Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Me sooo exciteddd

Dear bloggers,
hope each one of you is doing well, and recovering from big amounts of meaty food. As for me, I am still enjoying da foood of course, yesterday I had da most delicious Rishtet Burma, with da most yummy fresh gargoosh.....mmm'mmm it was a special request from me to my mother-in-law, wallahi she is such a sweetheart......sooooo, that being said, let me tell you why I am sooo excited....da reason is, DaStars and I travel tomorroww YEY for one week inshallah....Cairooo here we come, oh I have a feeling it's going to be a looooovely trip and lots of fun....so I'll take pics for u guyz and keep u posted...
and Oh, I am back to work in case you need to know....lol but less hours, hence, less money, but Alhamduliallah mastora
so take care guyz and galz, and happy new year :o)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eid Adha Mubarak

I just want to say kul 3am wa intum be alf khair and take it easy on da meat...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Da Gloomy Moon

well, it seems da title gave away da mood I am in, yes very gloomy, why? mesh 3arfa why.... is it because after 3 years of having 8:30 to 5, 6 days a week job and now I don't? is it because I am in a stage where I don't know what da heck I am going to do with so much freaking free time? I mean, it's was great until, I got stuck in this big boring circle, ok, first of all, I never quit my company, so "they are working on bringing me back as a part-timer" so that makes me not knowing what to do... I got two job offers that I turned down "willingly" because I don't want to commit to anyone as for right now cuz me and DaStars are planning or new year getaway, so whoever hires me won't be happy to give me that early vacation which is going to be in a month!....so I try to keep busy, ...I wonder, where is all my friends??? was I that busy in da past three years that I am out of da social loop? I mean I have so many close friends, but why don't I keep in touch with them? why don't I visit them or they visit me? am I that boring? the only thing I want to do is hangout with DaStars I mean he is my best friend, he makes me laugh all the time, his care and company is indescribable, so during da weekends we try to do as much as possible....during da weekdays, I am bored out of my head until he gets back from work...my phone never rings, and oh I have 2 phones now, Madar and Libyana, and no one calls me, simply because I don't call them, I am such a loser....
my finances are so screwed up back in Canada, I have false charges on my visa that I ignored for ages and now they are back to bite me hard, I mean it's not like I ever used that money, but the visa company wants me to pay it....I have student loan that need to be paid, ok, I am jobless how am I supposed to pay it?....can I just send them a letter saying that I was hit by a cow?? for them to forget about me?
I've never been this moody in my life, I am going through a roller coaster, I have pimples all over my face, they'r hideous, I am soooo emotional it's like PMS 24/7 .... I had a haircut that looks cute, but for god's sake I can't even blow dry my own hair, I have 12 year old cousin that know how to blow dry her mom's hair, why can't I do it, if it's that easy?
well, I kinda need to get my priorities in order, 1) deal with da financial problems, 2)look forward to da new year trip, 3) get a job or .... a baby!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Go Gurly, it's your Birthday

Meral is three years everyone!!!! she pretty much looks like Dora, with shorter hair, so probably her birthday wish for this year is "Mammy let my hair grow PLEASEEEE"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Third day of Eid

Eid Mubarak everyone, kul sana o intu taibeen, hope everyone enjoyed their eid...cuz mine was alhamduliallah great, was different of course...but got to see family from both sides and mashallah everyone is doing and looking fine...first day of Eid was to DaStars side of da family, we had lunch over at his uncle's house cuz my in-laws still in Umra, and mashallah they'r such a hugeeee familyyyy...lol I honestly need to write down da names or have a family tree with pics for me to memorize every single person, then second day, we had lunch at my grandma, stayed da whole day there, which was ok too, for some reason days same much longer than Ramadan, dunno why, maybe cuz I was so busy preparing da food and looking forward to Maghrib time! then today we had a drive around, da weather was so nasty during da day, we went to check out the beach house in Garabolli, we drove all da way there and didn't stay for 10 mintues, then drove back...stopped by da 7ufra fish place "da hole" and had lunch there, mm'mmm fishhhh, our shrimps weren't cooked properly, da dude burnt da crap out of them, they turned out crispy and a bit dry! but still taste good, then we lazied off at his parents house in hay andalous I napped for about 2 hours which is why I am still up till now.....gosh I am so boring...lol sorry guyz, but I wish there is something more exciting to share with u, but there isn't...:( I need to get more active, DaStars promised we play tennis, he said he'll teach me....but god knows when! it better be soon, also I don't know when I am going back to work....am I turning into a boring monster? wat has gotten into me!..lol yallah take care everyone and Eid mubarak to u all :o)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

still around.....in case you'r wondering..:p

.... not sure if there is a reason why I am not blogging as much! is it cuz there isn't much to say? or am I being a lazy bum! or maybe it's both! well, nothing much going on, still didn't get sick of da kitchen, I am in fact enjoying it :o) I made Libyan soup, garlic bread and lasagna, of course salad on da side....and I had over my sister-in-law and her husband, mashallah dat guy EATS...lol we alwayz make fun of him "hungry hungry hippo" .... Ramadan is almost over, and ppl getting crazierrrr, I wish I can video tape da action that's going on da streets at nite and youtube it for all those who live abroad....seriously, way too crazy, same story same ramadan, same jraba street, gurlz looking booty, guyz with spiky hair cruising around traffic is unreal, cops not knowing who to stop and who to let pass, pissed off fathers, hideous clothing in general, u get da picture....
and yah, wat's up with mosques aren't allowed to have tajahud prayers? I hope I don't get shot for saying that!..lol I just heard today, hummm, makes my lil mind wonder
alright peeps, take it easy and enjoy da rest of Ramadan

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday brother

sa3ooodiiiii, this post is for youuuuu

I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, so how old are you now? hummm let me think, you were born in 1986, dunnoo 22? Allahu a3lam, I am not a math person and my tummy is too full to think so anywayz, happy birthday and all da best of luck sweet brother

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


it's da 14th day of Ramadan already!!!, subhana Allah how fast time goes by when you are busy....DaStars and I were totally pampered during da first week of Ramadan, da in laws were still in town, so I personally ate da yummiest food, so my mom in law was cooking and won't let me or my sis in law, who got married a month before us do a thing, only help around da kitchen, which was absolutely cool by me, ....then after da in laws traveled, I've been on my own, I mean it's not like I mind cooking or anything, I do love cooking and I enjoy it too, ... we've been invited out alot at DaStar's uncle's and da food is MM "MMM and I had my sis in law over for iftar twice, my dad once, DaStars's boss once and tonite my cousin is coming over, so I try to iksib ajer fehum, hehehe
everything else is going great wa alhamduliallah, oh except for our screaming neighbours!! let me share with you what's going on next door....da husband, from wat i gathered is a lazy bum and very greedy, he does nothing and gives attitude.....da wife, da most loud thing I've ever heard, she is da naggy type, complainy and yells at her husband....I mean I hate being so judgemental, but com'on so far they've been fighting every other day, I am beginning to get tarified, is this wat marriage life is like? I ask myself how long they've been married, they were this way since the beginning or they were all lovey dovy then when da kid popped made life like this? or it's just that they'r one of those odd couples that fight about everything, or is it da love hate relationship....or it's normal to be that way, from where I see it, I will never ever have a marriage life like this and god is willing it won't happen....
I am thinking they should see a marriage counselor if there is such thing in Libya, but it's not healthy at all to be living like this especially when da husband says "krahit el3isha m3ak", that's like a no no for me.....
anywayz, sorry to go on and inshallah rabe ehdina
again, I didn't mean to be judgmental and gossipy, it's just so hard not to notice such yelling!
take care all

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

honeymoon pictures part 2 Langkawi Island

Honeymoon pictures, part 1

ok, I thought posting these pictures alot easier than this!!!! I have resize and rename each one!!!! kinda annoying to tell u da truth, but I'll do it for u dear bloggers...lol I am not going to comment on each picture, I'll let each pic speaks for itself, and if u have any question plz do ask :o)
enjoy, and more coming up

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan Kareem everyone

hellooooo dear bloggers,
LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!! oh gosh, been DISCONNECTEDDDD, and I hate it!!!! I've been on a crazy roller coaster since we got back from da honeymoon....starting from settling down in our new place, to my mom leaving to Canada, after 10 months vacation...lol and da poor thing got into a tiny car crash alhamduliallah jat salaima, da only thing that was damaged is my poor khnifisa :'( tear drop, da front bumper is damaged and it's being fixed at this moment...then Ramadan came too soon mashallah!!! inshallah ramadan kareem to all of you....then my father-in-law got hit by a car crossing da road the poor thing! haram! nothing is too serious, fraction on his knee and ribs :(
on top of that our landlord never gave us da user name and password for the Internet, and we've been chasing him since we got back, I am sure u get da picture.....ohhh speaking of pictures, wallahi I want to post da most amazing pics for u guyz, inshallah once we get da net at home i'll do that....other than that life is great alhamduliallah, couldn't be better, I totally adore DaStars, he can get annoying when he wants to, "on purpose" just to annoy me, but other than that, he's a total sweetheart, alhamduliallah life has a totally different meaning being in Harmony .... and his family is great mashallah,
hope u all da best and missing u all

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

off to Singapore

Dear Bloggers,
I've been on and off da net, very limited access, and oh I took sooo many pics for u guyz, DaStars keeps on goes, gosh U LOVE taking pic's don't u!!!, I simply answer "it's for my blog"...lol well anywayz, after spending lovely times here in Langkawi Island, we r off to Singapore today inshallah, we stop in Kuala Lumpur for an hour then catch another flight, so I can't wait for that part....:o) Langkawi is very pretty mashallah, and as some of you might know, it's monsoon season, so rain rain rain...."rain on me" we stayed in 2 different resorts, one in the south and one in the north, just to experince different flavours, and both places are so pretty mashallah, I'll be posting pics when we go back inshallah....
so anywayz, I think I gained weight :( well, I am sure I did, maybe 2 kilos, or 3 Allahu a3lam, ...DaStars for sure gained alot of weight, and he's determined to lose it in Ramadan inshallah, cuz if he doesn't "I'll make him"...lol
well, just wanted to say hi to all of you ...:o)
take care

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blogging from Malasiya

Thank you girls and guyz for your wonderful wishes, wallahi you made me smile big time....I think I am really addicted to blogging after all....lol here I am in this beautiful buzzing City Kuala Lumpur, oh man! mashallah 3li everything, I honestly love it and it's only our second day here....
for those who showed up to my wedding, thank u gurlz u looked awesome, all of u, I honestly felt weird sitting in da "kosha"...lol I was starving, no body was nice enough to get me food!!!!! freaking hell, I am so gonna give my family crap when I go back, Damoon can never be hungry and my face was itchy and of course I couldn't itch it cuz of da freaking make up...!!! my stockings were rolling down cuz those r da half ones....lol wat else I thought was funny! oh seeing meral dancing on top of da table...lol dat gurl cracked me up, well anywayz, just wanted to say hi to all of u, and, me and DaStars will take lots of pics for u ....
Lost-Libyan, u rock bro, wallahi without u mana3rfish shen kont 7andeer, and too bad u couldn't u7dur enoba cuz it was one hayaja session...lol
yallah I gotta get going, best regards to all of u my dear bloggers
I just want to add something, my sis dodo "da one in da states" couldn't make it, seeing her friends there made me go awwww, so dodo if u r reading this, thank u sooo much for da lovely email u sent me and ur friend Asma said u were on da phone while da zaffa (mwa)
take good care and again thanks for da warm wishes

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yes...I will be missing you....

....wallahi I don't know wat to say, I've been disconnected from da blog world for da longest time, it feels weird cuz I do miss each one of you, I miss reading your blogs, my addiction rate was very high...lol so I am suffering big time :p, I am just writing this note to thank you and tell you I am not sure when I'll blog next, maybe from Malaysia, maybe from Singapore...lol wa7da tetja3id :P hehehe jk, but inshallah you'll hear from me when time permits. few comments

Anglo-Libyan, I will for sure share with you da Libyan wedding details, I know you love that sort of things, just make do3a for me things go smoothly because I haven't been able to sleep, last night I woke up at 4 am!!!!! couldn't go back to sleep till around 6ish! not very cool, I need my beauty sleep..lol

Lost-Libyan, I read your comment from Doha airport, ma3naha you should be here, call me wala nharik el a7rf, I need my cd's...lol inshallah tkoon oslt be alf salama, thanks bro, I invited your sister H and you better bring her to da wedding

Lebeeya; FINALLY WE MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I love you gurl, and I think you are the most amazing, loving, hilarious creator on earth! thank you so much for da 3abaiya, sandals and awesome cd you got me xxxx

Ahmed akak, thanks brother, for your lovely wishes, I know you've been around in Tripoli, good luck with da rest of your stay, and you are welcome to come urgus 3al noba...lol inta o elboyz "dats da only thing I can invite guyz for" sorry..lol

Piccolina, maiuna, Happymoi, Romana, wallahi matjoosh nharkum ela7rf

KhadijaTerri, Trablsia, I am officially inviting you through da blog, I'd love for you to be there so hope you can make it.

so many things to do, so little time, I've never felt pressured in my life, I feel like I am running a Marathon, can't wait for my day at da relax center for all da pampering they have for me :) then inshallah we'll be traveling on Sunday, ooooweeee a week from today inshallah I can honestly skip da wedding for da honeymoon...lol

sorry to bore you with my news, but I've missed you all and inshallah wish you all da best


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Last Pictures of Al Shati Hotel Standing!!

I took these pics before da Alshati Hotel went down to pieces, wallahi destruction can be very easy.....Romana will blog about the after pics, these are da last pics of Al Shati Hotel Standing!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

blogging from home

hello everyone, it's been a while...
I feel good sleeping in and being lazy .... life is good hummm....sorta
last week/da beggining of this week was very crazy for me, trying to sort out my desk to hand it over to da new smart gurl we hired and train her, which wasn't bad at all, also we had VIPs at work visiting so I had to work on getting meetings. .. da worst thing was cleaning my messy desk and sorting da files on my pc. anywayz, now it's over alhamduliallah I have other things to get done, finishing off da appartment and moving our clothes and making da place livable....da place is so cute I am in love with it, so inshallah things will be just fine...
I know I ll be missing work, and da peeps there, my boss, my ayosh and everyone there, well, not everyone everyone....but u get da pic...lol inshallah i'll be going back after 3 months ....
now, i'll go back to babysitting meralo and make sure i do nothing...lol i looove being lazy
pray for me and wish me luck

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

well, this thing is driving me nuts, I can't post da image
I am 81% Addicted to Blogging :o)

And Yes I do have a life...."Paranoid"...lol

Friday, July 6, 2007

DaMoon is officially Mrs. DaStars

I would like to start by saying "Never say Never"...lol so funny not long ago on one of the comments we were talking about "fat7a, should be in the wedding week" and mani was like NO WAY, and there was this big debate....and in my family fat7a is normally during the wedding week, not until I had my fat7a yesterday...lol a month before the wedding! so DaMoon is now officially Mrs. DaStars, first time I was ok to go out me and him ALONE...lol for dinner and I loved the place "Dandachi" it's not so new restaurant but I've never been to it before, then we picked up ice cream from the best place in Tripoli "Al Shat ice cream" the whole time we were out, I am like I can't believe this...lol mtan7a ya3ni like wow I am sitting in the passenger seat....to tell you the truth "I felt like I was a not "very good girl" riding in the car with him"...lol but then I am like oh nooo, I am safe..lol enough boring you with these stories....I just wanted to share with you one of the most important events in DaMoon's life.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Foggy Tripoli

I took these pics this morning, at some places da fog was really bad!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Leptis Magna

For the first time in my life I got da pleasure to go visit da lovely Leptis Magna....lol I can't believe I am 25 yrs old and never been there!!! ah well

Let's not mention how hot and humid it was, and stick to how lovely it looked

I am going to leave you with these pics I took with my phone and hopefully get more pics once my mom downloads them off her digital camera