Sunday, October 14, 2007

Third day of Eid

Eid Mubarak everyone, kul sana o intu taibeen, hope everyone enjoyed their eid...cuz mine was alhamduliallah great, was different of course...but got to see family from both sides and mashallah everyone is doing and looking fine...first day of Eid was to DaStars side of da family, we had lunch over at his uncle's house cuz my in-laws still in Umra, and mashallah they'r such a hugeeee I honestly need to write down da names or have a family tree with pics for me to memorize every single person, then second day, we had lunch at my grandma, stayed da whole day there, which was ok too, for some reason days same much longer than Ramadan, dunno why, maybe cuz I was so busy preparing da food and looking forward to Maghrib time! then today we had a drive around, da weather was so nasty during da day, we went to check out the beach house in Garabolli, we drove all da way there and didn't stay for 10 mintues, then drove back...stopped by da 7ufra fish place "da hole" and had lunch there, mm'mmm fishhhh, our shrimps weren't cooked properly, da dude burnt da crap out of them, they turned out crispy and a bit dry! but still taste good, then we lazied off at his parents house in hay andalous I napped for about 2 hours which is why I am still up till now.....gosh I am so sorry guyz, but I wish there is something more exciting to share with u, but there isn't...:( I need to get more active, DaStars promised we play tennis, he said he'll teach me....but god knows when! it better be soon, also I don't know when I am going back to I turning into a boring monster? wat has gotten into me! yallah take care everyone and Eid mubarak to u all :o)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

still case you'r wondering..:p

.... not sure if there is a reason why I am not blogging as much! is it cuz there isn't much to say? or am I being a lazy bum! or maybe it's both! well, nothing much going on, still didn't get sick of da kitchen, I am in fact enjoying it :o) I made Libyan soup, garlic bread and lasagna, of course salad on da side....and I had over my sister-in-law and her husband, mashallah dat guy we alwayz make fun of him "hungry hungry hippo" .... Ramadan is almost over, and ppl getting crazierrrr, I wish I can video tape da action that's going on da streets at nite and youtube it for all those who live abroad....seriously, way too crazy, same story same ramadan, same jraba street, gurlz looking booty, guyz with spiky hair cruising around traffic is unreal, cops not knowing who to stop and who to let pass, pissed off fathers, hideous clothing in general, u get da picture....
and yah, wat's up with mosques aren't allowed to have tajahud prayers? I hope I don't get shot for saying that! I just heard today, hummm, makes my lil mind wonder
alright peeps, take it easy and enjoy da rest of Ramadan