Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yes...I will be missing you....

....wallahi I don't know wat to say, I've been disconnected from da blog world for da longest time, it feels weird cuz I do miss each one of you, I miss reading your blogs, my addiction rate was very so I am suffering big time :p, I am just writing this note to thank you and tell you I am not sure when I'll blog next, maybe from Malaysia, maybe from wa7da tetja3id :P hehehe jk, but inshallah you'll hear from me when time permits. few comments

Anglo-Libyan, I will for sure share with you da Libyan wedding details, I know you love that sort of things, just make do3a for me things go smoothly because I haven't been able to sleep, last night I woke up at 4 am!!!!! couldn't go back to sleep till around 6ish! not very cool, I need my beauty

Lost-Libyan, I read your comment from Doha airport, ma3naha you should be here, call me wala nharik el a7rf, I need my cd' inshallah tkoon oslt be alf salama, thanks bro, I invited your sister H and you better bring her to da wedding

Lebeeya; FINALLY WE MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I love you gurl, and I think you are the most amazing, loving, hilarious creator on earth! thank you so much for da 3abaiya, sandals and awesome cd you got me xxxx

Ahmed akak, thanks brother, for your lovely wishes, I know you've been around in Tripoli, good luck with da rest of your stay, and you are welcome to come urgus 3al inta o elboyz "dats da only thing I can invite guyz for"

Piccolina, maiuna, Happymoi, Romana, wallahi matjoosh nharkum ela7rf

KhadijaTerri, Trablsia, I am officially inviting you through da blog, I'd love for you to be there so hope you can make it.

so many things to do, so little time, I've never felt pressured in my life, I feel like I am running a Marathon, can't wait for my day at da relax center for all da pampering they have for me :) then inshallah we'll be traveling on Sunday, ooooweeee a week from today inshallah I can honestly skip da wedding for da

sorry to bore you with my news, but I've missed you all and inshallah wish you all da best


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Last Pictures of Al Shati Hotel Standing!!

I took these pics before da Alshati Hotel went down to pieces, wallahi destruction can be very easy.....Romana will blog about the after pics, these are da last pics of Al Shati Hotel Standing!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

blogging from home

hello everyone, it's been a while...
I feel good sleeping in and being lazy .... life is good hummm....sorta
last week/da beggining of this week was very crazy for me, trying to sort out my desk to hand it over to da new smart gurl we hired and train her, which wasn't bad at all, also we had VIPs at work visiting so I had to work on getting meetings. .. da worst thing was cleaning my messy desk and sorting da files on my pc. anywayz, now it's over alhamduliallah I have other things to get done, finishing off da appartment and moving our clothes and making da place livable....da place is so cute I am in love with it, so inshallah things will be just fine...
I know I ll be missing work, and da peeps there, my boss, my ayosh and everyone there, well, not everyone everyone....but u get da inshallah i'll be going back after 3 months ....
now, i'll go back to babysitting meralo and make sure i do i looove being lazy
pray for me and wish me luck

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

well, this thing is driving me nuts, I can't post da image
I am 81% Addicted to Blogging :o)

And Yes I do have a life...."Paranoid"

Friday, July 6, 2007

DaMoon is officially Mrs. DaStars

I would like to start by saying "Never say Never" so funny not long ago on one of the comments we were talking about "fat7a, should be in the wedding week" and mani was like NO WAY, and there was this big debate....and in my family fat7a is normally during the wedding week, not until I had my fat7a a month before the wedding! so DaMoon is now officially Mrs. DaStars, first time I was ok to go out me and him for dinner and I loved the place "Dandachi" it's not so new restaurant but I've never been to it before, then we picked up ice cream from the best place in Tripoli "Al Shat ice cream" the whole time we were out, I am like I can't believe mtan7a ya3ni like wow I am sitting in the passenger tell you the truth "I felt like I was a not "very good girl" riding in the car with him" but then I am like oh nooo, I am enough boring you with these stories....I just wanted to share with you one of the most important events in DaMoon's life.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Foggy Tripoli

I took these pics this morning, at some places da fog was really bad!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Leptis Magna

For the first time in my life I got da pleasure to go visit da lovely Leptis I can't believe I am 25 yrs old and never been there!!! ah well

Let's not mention how hot and humid it was, and stick to how lovely it looked

I am going to leave you with these pics I took with my phone and hopefully get more pics once my mom downloads them off her digital camera