Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday brother

sa3ooodiiiii, this post is for youuuuu

I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, so how old are you now? hummm let me think, you were born in 1986, dunnoo 22? Allahu a3lam, I am not a math person and my tummy is too full to think so anywayz, happy birthday and all da best of luck sweet brother

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


it's da 14th day of Ramadan already!!!, subhana Allah how fast time goes by when you are busy....DaStars and I were totally pampered during da first week of Ramadan, da in laws were still in town, so I personally ate da yummiest food, so my mom in law was cooking and won't let me or my sis in law, who got married a month before us do a thing, only help around da kitchen, which was absolutely cool by me, ....then after da in laws traveled, I've been on my own, I mean it's not like I mind cooking or anything, I do love cooking and I enjoy it too, ... we've been invited out alot at DaStar's uncle's and da food is MM "MMM and I had my sis in law over for iftar twice, my dad once, DaStars's boss once and tonite my cousin is coming over, so I try to iksib ajer fehum, hehehe
everything else is going great wa alhamduliallah, oh except for our screaming neighbours!! let me share with you what's going on next door....da husband, from wat i gathered is a lazy bum and very greedy, he does nothing and gives attitude.....da wife, da most loud thing I've ever heard, she is da naggy type, complainy and yells at her husband....I mean I hate being so judgemental, but com'on so far they've been fighting every other day, I am beginning to get tarified, is this wat marriage life is like? I ask myself how long they've been married, they were this way since the beginning or they were all lovey dovy then when da kid popped made life like this? or it's just that they'r one of those odd couples that fight about everything, or is it da love hate relationship....or it's normal to be that way, from where I see it, I will never ever have a marriage life like this and god is willing it won't happen....
I am thinking they should see a marriage counselor if there is such thing in Libya, but it's not healthy at all to be living like this especially when da husband says "krahit el3isha m3ak", that's like a no no for me.....
anywayz, sorry to go on and inshallah rabe ehdina
again, I didn't mean to be judgmental and gossipy, it's just so hard not to notice such yelling!
take care all

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

honeymoon pictures part 2 Langkawi Island

Honeymoon pictures, part 1

ok, I thought posting these pictures alot easier than this!!!! I have resize and rename each one!!!! kinda annoying to tell u da truth, but I'll do it for u dear I am not going to comment on each picture, I'll let each pic speaks for itself, and if u have any question plz do ask :o)
enjoy, and more coming up

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadan Kareem everyone

hellooooo dear bloggers,
LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!! oh gosh, been DISCONNECTEDDDD, and I hate it!!!! I've been on a crazy roller coaster since we got back from da honeymoon....starting from settling down in our new place, to my mom leaving to Canada, after 10 months and da poor thing got into a tiny car crash alhamduliallah jat salaima, da only thing that was damaged is my poor khnifisa :'( tear drop, da front bumper is damaged and it's being fixed at this moment...then Ramadan came too soon mashallah!!! inshallah ramadan kareem to all of you....then my father-in-law got hit by a car crossing da road the poor thing! haram! nothing is too serious, fraction on his knee and ribs :(
on top of that our landlord never gave us da user name and password for the Internet, and we've been chasing him since we got back, I am sure u get da picture.....ohhh speaking of pictures, wallahi I want to post da most amazing pics for u guyz, inshallah once we get da net at home i'll do that....other than that life is great alhamduliallah, couldn't be better, I totally adore DaStars, he can get annoying when he wants to, "on purpose" just to annoy me, but other than that, he's a total sweetheart, alhamduliallah life has a totally different meaning being in Harmony .... and his family is great mashallah,
hope u all da best and missing u all