Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday :)

hello dear bloggers,
first I want to say Ramadan kareem to everyone, I know it's a lil bit late, but I've been really busy with Mariam and life in general, ... hope your Ramadan is going great so far, and rabana yatagabal ur fasting and prayers ya rabb...
just wanted to share with u a fresh pic of Mariomi that was taken yesterday on my birthday, and yep it's Sep 11th Mariomi is almost 2 months :)

I love this pic....Meral is posing like a model while Mariam is screaming her head o meral wala 3ala

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good books

dear bloggers,

it's been a while since I checked my blog or yours, dunno I think it's da pregnancy advancing and I don't feel comfortable sitting down for a long time, besides, I am busy with da in laws and da new addition to da family "my sister-in-law's baby gurl" soooooooo cute mashallah, humm, done shopping for da baby, doing alot of reading besides the primary book i've been reading for 9 months "what to expect when you are expecting" I think I have it memorized...

here are da books I read and liked :0)

Pray I have da baby soon ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hello dear bloggers,
yes I know it has been a while, and gosh I can't thank you enough for your lovely emails, I know I've been missed...NOT, ama emails, no love mail, no hate mail, just big fat but I know I am in your thoughts wondering how's da pregnancy going and all that crap! rightttt!!! well, I am ready to give birth...I think Mariam is old enough now, 7 months, perfect, great age to start dealing with everyday stuff.....besides, they say kids mta3 7 months come out super brilliant, so I am totally relying on that, cuz her mama and papa are no brillianto!
well, alhamduliallah I am doing great health wise, my doc said I should "nbakher rohi" so I don't get da devil eye, ... I am looking forward me and DaStars' trip to Doha next weekend inshallah, he's got a meeting and I am going to be glluuuueeddd to him, I enjoyed my trip to Abu Dhabi in March, I'll post pics inshallah....hummm wat else, dat's pretty much it, I try to keep busy, I am reading a lovely book, I don't want to be busted mentioning da name here...dat's pretty much it
so take care you all and I'll be checking all your blogs soon

Sunday, March 30, 2008

everything has an end!

nothing lasts forever; we all either make decisions or things just turn out that way...
Today March 31st 2008 is my last day at ConocoPhillips; I still remember my first day Feb 1st 2005 as if it was yesterday. I experienced the ups and downs of the company, I met and worked with great people, and some aren't so I watched it grow from 10 people to 30....well, that being said, I submitted my resignation two weeks ago cuz I am getting very pregnant and working is not a priority for me at this stage. I will for sure miss few things about it, and yes few things not

Monday, March 17, 2008

To the Mountain Bikers in Tripoli

Hello everyone,

it has been a while, hope everyone is doing well....
Do any of you know how to put a mountain bike together? or know of someone, da thing is, DaStars "moi hubby" got a mountain bike from da states "Thanks to Bryan" but he still can't put it together....any suggestions? where to go, what to do. I know KhadijaTeri's friend Tara biked last year in Nalout so pleaseeee helppp usss, and you'll get a nice gift.

cheers m' dears

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Mariam everyone

I am not sure if you can see but I can.
Mariam is 19 weeks old and very very quiet, never kicks or anything...DaStars says because I keep eating so she is never hungry...or maybe I am not feeling the kicks yet!
so anywayz, just wanted to share it with my dear bloggers :o)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Job Vacancy

Continental Oil Company of Libya

The Continental Oil Company of Libya (COCL) is a company of ConocoPhillips, an integrated petroleum company with interests around the world. COCL is one of the Second Parties to the Waha concession. COCL is seeking qualified candidates to consider for the following position:
An accountant is required to join our Finance team which is responsible for the complete accounting of the Business Unit. The successful candidate will be capable to prepare tax accounts for the Libyan authorities, US GAPP accounting for reporting to the parent company, and calculation of deferred taxes on the difference between the tax basis and the book basis. Responsibilities will include preparing various corporate reports, financial analysis, and variances analysis for the income statement balance sheet, and the cashflow statement, comparing the current period results to the budget, the prior month and the prior year’s results.
* Comprehensive understanding of accounting principles for both Libyan taxes and US GAAP; a *good knowledge of Libyan tax law, tax procedures and processes.
*Good working knowledge of SAP accounting system.
*Ability to analyze and interpret accounts and write concise variance analysis in English.
*Well organized, detail oriented and a good team player.
*Excellent English and Arabic communication skills both written and verbal.
*High degree of flexibility, ability to perform multiple tasks and an absolute commitment to meet deadlines.

If interested in a position, please email your curriculum vitae or resume to
with the title of the position you are applying to in the subject line.

Deadline for submitting information to be considered for this position is
February 23, 2008