Wednesday, August 22, 2007

off to Singapore

Dear Bloggers,
I've been on and off da net, very limited access, and oh I took sooo many pics for u guyz, DaStars keeps on goes, gosh U LOVE taking pic's don't u!!!, I simply answer "it's for my blog" well anywayz, after spending lovely times here in Langkawi Island, we r off to Singapore today inshallah, we stop in Kuala Lumpur for an hour then catch another flight, so I can't wait for that part....:o) Langkawi is very pretty mashallah, and as some of you might know, it's monsoon season, so rain rain rain...."rain on me" we stayed in 2 different resorts, one in the south and one in the north, just to experince different flavours, and both places are so pretty mashallah, I'll be posting pics when we go back inshallah....
so anywayz, I think I gained weight :( well, I am sure I did, maybe 2 kilos, or 3 Allahu a3lam, ...DaStars for sure gained alot of weight, and he's determined to lose it in Ramadan inshallah, cuz if he doesn't "I'll make him"
well, just wanted to say hi to all of you ...:o)
take care

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blogging from Malasiya

Thank you girls and guyz for your wonderful wishes, wallahi you made me smile big time....I think I am really addicted to blogging after here I am in this beautiful buzzing City Kuala Lumpur, oh man! mashallah 3li everything, I honestly love it and it's only our second day here....
for those who showed up to my wedding, thank u gurlz u looked awesome, all of u, I honestly felt weird sitting in da "kosha" I was starving, no body was nice enough to get me food!!!!! freaking hell, I am so gonna give my family crap when I go back, Damoon can never be hungry and my face was itchy and of course I couldn't itch it cuz of da freaking make up...!!! my stockings were rolling down cuz those r da half wat else I thought was funny! oh seeing meral dancing on top of da dat gurl cracked me up, well anywayz, just wanted to say hi to all of u, and, me and DaStars will take lots of pics for u ....
Lost-Libyan, u rock bro, wallahi without u mana3rfish shen kont 7andeer, and too bad u couldn't u7dur enoba cuz it was one hayaja
yallah I gotta get going, best regards to all of u my dear bloggers
I just want to add something, my sis dodo "da one in da states" couldn't make it, seeing her friends there made me go awwww, so dodo if u r reading this, thank u sooo much for da lovely email u sent me and ur friend Asma said u were on da phone while da zaffa (mwa)
take good care and again thanks for da warm wishes