Monday, May 28, 2007

The Husband by Dean Koontz

I mentioned that I was reading Shopaholic & Baby when I was away on vacation and it only took me 20 days to finish quite impressive, I think the only reason I don't read much when I am in Tripoli is cuz I am yapping most of da time on da phone with my so before I left I bought this book
It's about a gardener who's wife was kidnapped and they kidnappers asking for 2 million dollars ... and of course he doesn't have that much what would he do for love? good question cuz it opens my eyes on how much my "future husband" is willing to do....jk so, anywayz, I just thought of sharing if someone is having too much time in his/her hand and wanting to read a book.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good to be BACK

Soooo, dunno what to write....I think my mind is still not function 100% and trying to get over jet lag, but so far I am not being very successful...I'll try over da weekend inshallah... good to be back of course and yes Lost-Libyan, u seem to get stuck on da word "Back" expand ur vocabs bro....
I am not doing much, although I should get cracking and start preparing few things like, hall decoration and invitees list, invitation cards and all dat well, let's hope everything goes smooth cuz I am not in need of any nervous breakdowns, or anything of this sort! I keep losing weight for some odd reason, and no it's not "khenag el3rais" cuz I don't believe in dat I think it's all da walking around da malls in da past 3 weeks! ...My grandma's goal to make me gain weight!!! I said I don't think so!
So anywayz, I just wanted to update y'all and I miss u guyz and gurlz
Happy to be back and able to see my fiancee, gosh, I adore him

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a lil bit of everything!

Yesterday's weather CRAZY


Poor me :o( stupid sharp edge in da trunk of da car


My friend's sister is grossly fixable!!!


da same friends' nephew's bday party, he is 2... big boy
his mom made him cars bday cake "mashallah doesn't look home made cake eh?"


Maysoon, what do you think? I am going to return da light pink dress cuz it looks way too tiny

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Comment!!!

DaMoon is Broked!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

What happened to Lost-Libyan?

Seriously guyz, our good friend Lost-Libyan gone missing!!! I am really worried about him.
inshallah khair bess, I mean if he is somewhere in Cancun having a blast and no where near Internet connection then I am totally cool with that, but what if he is not happy with his marks, or he is depressed and thinking of committing suicide, aren't we as blog world friends responsible for him?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I was in

Ladies and gentlemen ....
meet my favourite dish of all "Magloba" taraaaaaa..... in da past 2 weeks I ate it and both time made by Dinoo's mom, I pray to Allah she gets rewarded in Janna ya rabb, and I pray that when I make magloba it turns out as yummy as her magloba .... Ameen

I will never forget today Sunday May 13th when I ate 3 dishes of magloba and slept for nearly 3 hours I was sooooo out of ittttt, very happy, delighted, full and happy
Dinoo, I'll miss your mom's Magloba more than anything in this part of the
Thank you everyone for giving me da chance to express myself and da love I have for Magloba, not any Magloba, Only khalto Amal's!!! God Bless

Saturday, May 12, 2007

DaMoon is

I didn't go out today, I felt sorry for my dad haram he's been doing his own thing and eating out for da past couple of weeks; I cooked few times but I decided to do more cleaning today and felt like making Chicken Spaghetti....Enjoy
chicken, red sweet peppers, jalapeno and Basil
Very spicy Spaghetti

Salad anyone?

Eventful day :o)

I keep telling myself I am NOT supposed to be gaining but eating 4 times a day is not gonna help...started off my day by having coffee and waffles with Maple syrup MMM' and I know that I was invited for lunch with my auntie by her we went to Mandarin, it's an open buffet restaurant Chinese/Canadian/ international it's so funny the mix I mean! I haven't been to it for ages and obviously they made alot of changes ...

A bit blurry cuz I took it as I am

Honestly; Fish tank Wall!!!

These were on da wall too, very pretty I have to say
Ok now let me introduce you to da cutest thing on earth! Ayman, my auntie's friends' son, he is about 3 yrs old and mashallah da lil kid can eat

Ayman with his sweet corn, carrots, chicken and Apple

Watermelon anyone?...I don't think he likes to share though!

Hot wet scented towels for him to feel refreshed after a big meal ..HE IS SOO CUTEEE

And this is my meal

Then from there I was dropped off at da mall to meet Dinoo and another friend, we hung out for a bit; then off to Dinoo's house where her mom started making Mjadara and wouldn't take a NO thank you I am full khalto for an answer!!!! she made me eat! but it was darn yummy mashallah....

Then off to da park with other girlfriends; we were about 9 hejabi some with their kids some without, and couple not hejabis , we had fun swinging ...or at least I so I had decaf coffee and timbits, I thought I'd only eat too, but I kept munching on em! is my other hero I called him Da Baby gosh

I love da shaved

Then off to Williams Cafe; I didn't take a pic of what I ordered, it was Chicken pestto sandwich and chicken noodles soup, I took a pic of what Hiba ordered cuz it looked yummy and tasted yummy of course, we like to

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bus Stop!

Ok, I honestly don't know how long I've been in North America; I lost track of time, I thought tomorrow is a Thursday and I've been running around like a headless chicken! Now I am in Ontario and of course getting more shopping Dinoo and I went to da mall we didn't have a ride home so were told to Ok, I haven't been on a bus for nearly 4 so it was a fun ride

we sat for about 20 min waiting for our bus to arrive!!! so I started goofing around and taking

We made sure we have jelly beans! actually we had to buy it in order to get change for da


Last but not least....Feet/shoes nasty, that's me in my flip flops and Dinoo in her silver shoes

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Niagra Falls

Sorry, I wish I had a digital Camera for more clear pictures

Friday, May 4, 2007

A promise is a promise...

I hope you like my not so skillful snapshots of Springbank Park...never mind da naked they'll be green soon

Anglo-Libyan this post is for you cuz you are the one who kept asking for pics :o) Enjoy