Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bad hand writing competition BEGINS

Ok, we were talking in Lebeeya blog about how we should have a competition on who's hand writing is worse, and Ahmed claims his hand writing is unbeatable...I'll start by posting mine, and whoever wants to participate should post their hand writing up in their blog most likely "cuz that's the only way"

please note that, I didn't write these pages today so I am not cheating, these are notes I took at work, one I believe was in March and da other one in April 1st

YOU BE DA JUDGE.........bring it

Monday, April 16, 2007

Is DaMoon ready to tie da knot?

Ok, I guess it doesn’t get more official than this?! I mean eventhough I don’t have a ring on my finger; but it is official, right? Well whatever, it’s all naseeb…but com’on I have a date for da wedding? Da hall is booked! And da entire family is planning to be here on Aug 4th!!!!! Ok I am kinda freaking out; I mean am I really ready to get married? Am I mature enough for that? Am I ladylike enough? Wallahi I have 101 questions in my head but no cousin keeps asking me “are you ready” I say “inshallah”…lol and ready means mentally! I believe I am more than ready to be da lady of my house taking care of my husband and whatever comes with the responsibility! But the part I am struggling with is becoming a mature wife than a fun girl! That’s what freaking me out…….girls at work ask me whether I started buying stuff “btat” like you know, girlz need new wardrobe and crap like that! The answer is NO I didn’t’, simply because I can’t change da way my brain works “still” I am still looking at casual cloths…last week I bought Nike sweat pants!! And over da weekend I was looking for running shoes!! OK! Da beautiful part, my fiancĂ©e is more like me! Very casual person, doesn’t like da fancy shmancy stuff…so anywayz! Inshallah rabe ester and I don’t freak out more.
Preparation wise; my main issue now is getting the wedding gown out of da way! I only been to two stores here in Tripoli and I freaked out! Too many choices mainly not my style and way too poofed for me! I mean they say it’s a wedding dress has to be poofed! but poofed and ugly.. dunno not my cup of tea! So, now I am thinking of custom making it, there are few places here that master khyata for wedding gowns, so inshallah, so that’s my next stop! After that; we’ll be working on da decoration of da hall, food “maysoon and mom” already after that. Also, maysoon has gazillion ideas of what to do next, and half da time I am not listening because I am dead tired from work…I just wanna go home and sleep…so taking a week of might be a good idea after all… guyz and gurlz include me in ur prayers and inshallah da whole thing etsahel and I don’t end up a bridzilla!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I laughed so hard at this clip...but I wouldn't give it the same title as the youtube ppl...I would just say clueless, it reminded me of a show I used to watched back in Canada, they'r just taking the crack out on Americans...

Sunday, April 8, 2007

OK, I'll tag along!

I sooo wanted to post these pictures up over da weekend put I didnt have da phone wire to hook it up to my pc cuz I normally leave it at work! anyhoo, 7asal khair....Thursday I was picked up from work by my crazy Cuz and her girlfriends; apparently they were out and about since da morning, shopping and god knows what else! so when I called my cuz to come pick me up she says I'll come get you under one condition "don't say you wanna go home, and you'll tag along with us wherever we go"; I was left with no choice, so I "first stop was FIRST for never been to that place before I only drove by it; and here I took some's da lake by da saraya el7amra off the Shatt road; was windy as hell and I was SICK!!! yet they dragged I couldn't say NO ....

I was surprised to see people I mean com'on it's not da best place to fish in da city...

I wonder if he really eats da fish or feeds it to da cats!!!!

My cuz and her girlfriends were telling me to stop taking pic's of him cuz he might throw me in da lake if he finds out!!! I was actually a bit sneaky and he never caught me hehe

Looking for da fish, I was calling da fishy, come phishy phis

Anywayz, and there are more pic's of us goofing around! that YOU WILL never get to

then from there I was getting hungry and very cold so I politely asked my cuz to take me to my fav Turkish place in Dahra, for a pick up mmmm'mmmm best chicken tawouk, and from there we hit Jraba street shopping, first store I walked in I was like "I need to wash my hands" cuz da freak forgot to put a fork in my order so I had to use my god given not very nice!

we shopped for a bit, didn't buy anything for myself but of course my cuz made me pay for the 2 hejabs she bought; "total abuse" no haram she paid me back; then finally we got home around Mghrib...

I wasn't feeling well on Friday and Saturday so I didn't do much

but today I am feeling better wa alhamduliallah ... I am so gonna get fired if I don't stop blogging and go do some have a great week everyone and be safe....


Finally I got my cellphone Camera working again! I think I have way too many pics there and da memory ran out! anyhoo, I walk in to work this morning and I found these beautiful flowers on my desk! da visa and travel gurl got flowers too, so I read da card and it says "To: DaMoon, Thank you for all your help" I was thinking awww, how sweet...well, we get way too many visitors here at work from all over, Houston, Norway, Doha, London, ... and 3/4 of them bring "us GURLZ" all da most of da time chocolate, and then we decide who we share it with, and da guys complain about how come they don't get anything and start coming up with crazy ideas like " I am going to start wearing a scarf" anyhoo; I'll leave u with da pics

DaStars; da flowers you got me before are wayyyy better and prettierr, they don't come close to these flowers, wallahi you have to believe me lol but how come you no flowers no more ha? jk


Chocolate anyone? Piccolina come visit me if you want your share...:p