Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I need organization tips HELP

I happen to be Ms Messy...at home, my room is messy 3/4 of the time, I just can't manage to hang my cloths or fold the clean ones, I do my laundry on time so it doesn't pile up; however, I have hard time folding it back to place! my mom yells at me all the time....AT WORK I tend to drag the bad habits to my workplace; my desk is a mess papers everywhere "I never lose anything" but it takes me a while finding things! my boss says I have an extreme personality; I either have very good set of skills which is "networking" Public relations, or I am very bad when it comes to filing. We have new receptionist now; his name is Ibrahim and he is the most organized person I've ever come across bless his heart, he took over my desk and MASHALLAH he made me sit down with him and go over my stuff, ended up throwing 3/4 of the crap I had laying around...yes I am a pack rat :(
to name few things sitting on my desk now and after that I need as many tips as possible to be a better, more organized, smarter, more efficient assistant!
papers or course, one business card, my watch, my lip palm, my cellphone, kitchen napkins! I guess it got here when they got me an orange yesterday, nails file "I don't do it in public so don't panic" more papers that not arranged neatly at all, calculator, 2 pens, a DVD, coffee coaster that I hardly use, of course desk calendar, sand bottle with the company name on it, that I am afraid to knock out, Meral's picture of course; she is my angle whenever I am pissed I look in her dark beautiful eyes to feel better...anywayz, SOS!

On its messiest!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


OK I need to sit still for 10 min, Oh gosh, I feel like I was running the marathon just creating this blog! and yes I did it with Maysoon's help of course but it wasn't personal "face to face" it was online so that proves how sharp I am...lol I am so proud of myself....soooo, here comes DaMoon I feel like I have alot to learn to make this blog an ok place for you guys. I have to go discover few things...:o)