Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hello dear bloggers,
yes I know it has been a while, and gosh I can't thank you enough for your lovely emails, I know I've been missed...NOT, ama emails, no love mail, no hate mail, just big fat but I know I am in your thoughts wondering how's da pregnancy going and all that crap! rightttt!!! well, I am ready to give birth...I think Mariam is old enough now, 7 months, perfect, great age to start dealing with everyday stuff.....besides, they say kids mta3 7 months come out super brilliant, so I am totally relying on that, cuz her mama and papa are no brillianto!
well, alhamduliallah I am doing great health wise, my doc said I should "nbakher rohi" so I don't get da devil eye, ... I am looking forward me and DaStars' trip to Doha next weekend inshallah, he's got a meeting and I am going to be glluuuueeddd to him, I enjoyed my trip to Abu Dhabi in March, I'll post pics inshallah....hummm wat else, dat's pretty much it, I try to keep busy, I am reading a lovely book, I don't want to be busted mentioning da name here...dat's pretty much it
so take care you all and I'll be checking all your blogs soon