Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Mariam everyone

I am not sure if you can see her...lol but I can.
Mariam is 19 weeks old and very very quiet, never kicks or anything...DaStars says because I keep eating so she is never hungry...or maybe I am not feeling the kicks yet!
so anywayz, just wanted to share it with my dear bloggers :o)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Job Vacancy

Continental Oil Company of Libya

The Continental Oil Company of Libya (COCL) is a company of ConocoPhillips, an integrated petroleum company with interests around the world. COCL is one of the Second Parties to the Waha concession. COCL is seeking qualified candidates to consider for the following position:
An accountant is required to join our Finance team which is responsible for the complete accounting of the Business Unit. The successful candidate will be capable to prepare tax accounts for the Libyan authorities, US GAPP accounting for reporting to the parent company, and calculation of deferred taxes on the difference between the tax basis and the book basis. Responsibilities will include preparing various corporate reports, financial analysis, and variances analysis for the income statement balance sheet, and the cashflow statement, comparing the current period results to the budget, the prior month and the prior year’s results.
* Comprehensive understanding of accounting principles for both Libyan taxes and US GAAP; a *good knowledge of Libyan tax law, tax procedures and processes.
*Good working knowledge of SAP accounting system.
*Ability to analyze and interpret accounts and write concise variance analysis in English.
*Well organized, detail oriented and a good team player.
*Excellent English and Arabic communication skills both written and verbal.
*High degree of flexibility, ability to perform multiple tasks and an absolute commitment to meet deadlines.

If interested in a position, please email your curriculum vitae or resume to
with the title of the position you are applying to in the subject line.

Deadline for submitting information to be considered for this position is
February 23, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't we all love Lebeeya

Yayyy bloggers meet again...I LOVE IT... well, I just want to share with you that the Lovely Lebeeya is still kicking, cuz honestly I thought she was kidnapped or something....so, she called on Tuesday to say she is town, came to pay us a lovely visit yesterday, oh that gurl is a total sweetheart. Of course me and Romana work together now, same company different s***, I mean different jobs; so lebeeya sends us a lovely sms yesterday morning saying "don't eat breakfast, I am making u sandwiches; P.S. I don't match, it won't be hard to find me in da parking lot" typcial Lebeeya of course....so she showed up at 11:00 am and for me that was not breakfast cuz lunch is an hour away....and here comes Lebeeya looking fabulous with her lunch bag containing (Chicken tandori sandwiches DELICIOUS, sliced tomato, chips and pretzels....and she didn't forget the juice) oh, I almost cried of happiness...lol cuz I was starvvvinggg, yah that's another new thing, I think pregnancy is turning me to a hungry monster, I have to snack every hour!!! I didn't turn into a whale yet alhamduliallah. sooooo, we ate, chatted laughed, looked at my wedding pics..lol lovely an hour and half.
So thank you Lebeeya for being you, we sure love you
and she thinks I am having a boy...lol she is some sort of look at ur belly and tell da gender kinda gurl