Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is it just me or you all do it?

One of my biggest issues is OVER STUFFING MYSELF, oh gosh, I am experiencing the worst of pain now, I just ate sooooooo much, ok I understand that I am hungry all the time but why do I eat this much when I know I’ll be in pain? I don’t get it…ok my food intake during the day
Morning: 8:15 Coffee with cookies or halawiyat
Around 10:30 I get realllyyy hungry, I eat crackers
Lunch: 12:30 Whatever Yoyo has made for the day, today I had spagatti with ground beef and mushroom, too fatty, salad, pizza “my fiancĂ© got me” it’s one of those squared ones, quarter can of bitter soda, leema keeniya, and leema dammiya!!!!! I can hardly breath, I tried to go for a walk downstairs but nope I am still in pain
2:30 green tea with fresh mints I look forward to that moment everyday; oh did I mention chocolate normally after lunch just no one has chocolate today, cuz I normally beg for chocolate
6:00 I eat dinner whatever da family cooked for lunch
If I stay up passed 10:30 I get hungry and I make toast with cheese, never get board of it

And Yes I have iron deficiency which makes me sleepy all the time so when the weekend is here I take looong naps.
Also I hardly drink water which is causing me a lot of trouble laken I just don’t like it…I like to add zharr or 3atrr to make the weird taste of water go away! Call me crazy but I think water has a funny taste and that’s the normal bottled water! I tried different brands and I still don’t like it!

Alhamduliallah for na3mit elsa7a I guess!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Job Openings...

For those who can't get the Tripoli Post, this was posted in yesterday's edition...

Continental Oil Company of Libya
A ConocoPhillips Company
The Continental Oil Company of Libya (COCL) is a company of ConocoPhillips, an integrated petroleum company with interests around the world. COCL is one of the Second Parties to the Waha concession. COCL is seeking qualified candidates to consider for the following positions.

Human Resources Manager
To lead and manage all aspects of the Human Resources function such as, staffing, compensation, benefits administration, implementation of HR systems, policy administration for local and expatriate employees, employee development, and maintain alignment with global HR leadership and networks.

· Bachelor university degree required, advanced degree preferred
· Highly developed HR technical expertise and HR core competencies
· Strong leadership skills and prior supervisory role preferred
· Project management and execution skills and strategic thinking
· Excellent English communications skills both written and verbal
· Effective in working with people in a team environment

Facilities & Services Manager
Accountable for office facilities, leased properties acquisition and maintenance, procurement, visa and immigration documentation and processing, travel arrangements, and overall services administration.

· Bachelor university degree required.
· Background in logistic services areas and general services administration
· Prior supervisory role preferred.
· Knowledgeable about processes, procedures, and control mechanisms.
· Ability to develop strategies and plans and to execute them on time
· Strong English communications skills, both oral and written.
· Effective negotiation skills and business knowledge.
· Ability to lead others and work in a team environment.

Information Services Specialist
Responsible for delivering effective Information Services support, management of Global Information Systems (GIS) assets, maintenance of network tools and technologies, network solutions, problem resolution on systems and help desk, maintaining data integrity and security, and managing projects.

· Bachelor university degree in Management of Information Systems, Computer Science or equivalent.
· Excellent knowledge and technical skills in:
o asset management, design and systems integration,
o communications tools and technologies,
o network systems,
o telecommunications, and
o security in access and sharing of systems.
· Strong English communications skills, both oral and written.
· Planning and organizing and being flexible in managing tasks
· Ability to learn quickly and adapt to new and changing environments.

If interested in a position, please email your curriculum vitae or resume to with a cover letter explaining in detail how you meet the qualifications of the position and key factors as to why you should be selected for the position.

Deadline for submitting information to be considered for this position is 24 Feb 2007.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Adorable, gosh I love him

I just want to share with the entire world how happy I am, how happy having someone this special in my life who loves me this much, appreciates me and treats me right... my fiancee ... to tell you the truth; I've alwayz had problems with the word "love" whether there is true love or not and up to day I don't believe in "Romeo and Juliet love", what I believe in is loving someone means understanding, appreciating, accepting differences, working together to become better people, making mistakes and learning, being your complete self with your soulmate, and connecting in a different level. so in my case alhamduliallah meeting my fiancee made me fully experience the above feelings. I guess it all comes down to one thing, "soulmates" completing one another.
here is the card my fiancee got me... made me melt big time gurly stuff I guess!! so Valentine's day or not Valentine's day I know how much I love him :o)

Monday, February 12, 2007

I’ve never seen mbakbka having identity crisis until today!

A month a go we changed our lunch plan here at work, we improved from burgers, pizza, chicken tabona gross street food, to the company “cook” staying in the guest house, making us fresh food... “soup and salad” day and “sandwiches and salad” second day…and we’ve gone from sandwiches to lasagna to spagattie to meat and fries pie too BELIEVE IT OR NOT “Mbakbka”…lol I totally cracked up laughing today when I saw da so –mbakbka-wanna-be!! Ok for a start it was not jariya at all so by my standards that’s not mbakbka, so the poor mbkbka was more like makrona salsa mkhalta fe ba3dha with tiny tiny very tiny beef cubes I just don’t know how he cut it that tiny, and same size for potato, wallahi how tiny they are they made the chickpeas “homos” look HUGE…so the above was only by looking at it, then when I tried the first mouth full, I couldn’t distinguish the taste, hiki bantha grfa “cinnamon” walla 7rarat you know the stuff you sprinkle over reshtet kskas so it tasted more like reshtet ksaks than mbakbka and it also tasted like Indian/Philippino food….oh did I mention that the cook Yoyo, that’s his name is what he does best is Asian food, chicken noodles soup, Asian salads,so my advise to Yoyo to stick to those dishes and stay away from making Libyan soup, he made it twice, and I couldn’t eat it from how fatty it was, I thought it was made with chicken but when the white piece flipped over it was a gross surprise YUCK “hasha ena3ma” it was actually la7ma ya3ni lamb laken white from how much fat it has on it :( yuck yuck yuckkkk….anywayz, I am very greatful of our lunch plan alhamduliallah, the only thing we need to do is sit down with Yoyo and give him guidance for better future lunches :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007

one week vacation

that's what I need, one week vacation, and in that week, I either tour Libya, not a big tour, maybe Ghdames and other tourist sites, or Cairo, or Dubai, or Oman, I REALLY want to go to Oman for some reason...I don't care any Arab country, and I want to take two people with me, my cousin Abeer and my friend Aya. THAT'S IT, having fun, sleeping in, shopping, eating yummy this impossible? sigh!