Saturday, March 31, 2007

Molly Maid....

Almost half way through da weekend, and WAT A WEEKEND, I had to practice "da housewife" role......YEP, it has been a while since I've done it, cleaning, cooking, laundry, hanging cloths, folding cloths, vacuuming, dusting, washing endless dishes....yep all dat and much much more, well as you probably don't know I live with my auntie and her husband and daughter, "they sold their house a while ago and moved to this apartment of ours" while my mom and dad live in our house in diff area! I know I am supposed to move with my parents but I am so used to this place cuz this is where I used to stay above da granies! long complicated story! and no one will understand so I'll save you da confusion....SOOO YAAH my auntie used to have a maid, but the maid now is gone, my auntie got a bit sick; so now my cousin and myself stuck with da house work which is kinda alright........yesterday, we did alot of cleaning and then had to cook lunch, I don't mind cooking at all; it's alot of fun, humm I made soup "3adas and batata", pasta, we had chicken left over and my cuz fried French fries, and yah yummmy I made sorta smoothy "Strawberry, Kiwi and fresh mints" mmmmmmm ehabelll, so yah it was kinda fun and a bit tyring of my untie came back from the clinic, so I went out grocery shopping for da house, and of course my grandma decided to make makrona belbusla mmmm I love makrona belbusla....I've done more cleaning today and fixing things around da house, and ugh! I had to recharge my ADSL freaking hell I thought I did it for 2 months but I guess not! those guyz better not ripping me da weather is absolutely gorgeous outside..... I wish I could picnic somewhere.....with my fiance.....he just called me and made me listen to "our song" hehehe "I can see us holding hands walking on da beach our toes in da sand, I can see us in da country side sitting on da grass side by side" Justine Timberlake love so don't give away my love...
well, I just felt like chatting to ya'll I don't have much to say so I thought of sharing with you my eventful weekend, da one down side of the housewife weekend is having rough hands and broken
enjoy da rest of your weekend and gosh it's already end of March!!!! sub7an Allah elwagit gedash ejri!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Dodoooo

kul sana o inte taiba sweet sister....

Dodo is my family success story; she is da smartest, growing up I alwayz had hard time from my teachers "her teachers as well" cuz she is 2 yrs older than me, and one yr older than MaySoon; so going to da same school teachers used to yell at me when I get a real bad mark and say "why rn't u as good as ur sisters" dodo is smarter than so they refered to her most of da time I would simply answer them by saying I am not I've alwayz been proud of her and tell her success stories all da time "fortasa tetbaha be sh3ar ukhtha" so now mashallah she is doing her Ph.D in Pathology and Immunology in da states and she is turning 28.... also she is not da nerdy time, she has da best sense of humour; yallah come back we all miss you here and wish you were here so we can happy a big party for you hehehe cuz u r da spoiled kid of da family ;o)

Love and kisses

special wishes from your cuz Aboora and da whole family

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lovely Tripoli

Al Shat Road over view from Al Mahari Hotel

Corinthia Roundabout

The Souk parking area

Old city

The Old house "doesn't look old anymore"

very skinny palm tree

Marcus Arch

The Corinthia

Regatta pics

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I need honest opinions

Ok, let me start by saying, "is there an ideal age difference between husbands and wives?" ok in my opinion 5 to 10 is a reasonable number, and yes there are exceptions, like the wife is a year older, the husband is one year older, they'r ndad, the husband is double the age and they'r living happy life. I also understand that age is just a number it shouldn't set the fact that "any couple" are happy or not. so help me out to understand whether it's ok or not for let's say a guy 43 years old wanting to marry a girl 25 years old....what's the girls' reaction should be? what's the guy's expectations? or it's personal differences and preferences? or as long as they are metfahmeen age gap means nothing?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It doesn't get smarter than this!

I don't think it takes experts to figure out the opposite of dead! of course if he is not dead, he is alive!!! anyhow, it just made me laugh lol

Saturday, March 10, 2007

not so healthy week

I am sitting here rerunning the week in my tell you the truth, I didn't like it that much, it was more of a stressful week than anything else. visited different doctors for different issues! I've always viewed myself as healthy person Alhamduliallah...but last week wasn't very healthy week for me. I've been dealing with my tooth problem it's a root problem of course that's why it's taking forever to be treated! lucky to find the new dentist as Maysoon said...the other thing is experiencing back pain, it's not the muscle so it was new to me, I went to the company doctor she said it was in my lower fagarat because of too much sitting down at work! but com'on that shouldn't be the reason for couple of reasons a) I am not the sit still type of person I am always in the move; b) we have very comfortable chairs at work, and I mean it when I say very comfortable bought at a very high the doctor sent me to get X-ray taken at the Swiss Center...few negative comments. I enter the reception area and told them what my problem was and said I need to get X-ray taken, the lady sent me downstairs; I asked if I needed to pay she said no you can do that downstairs, I go downstairs, the Libyan chap asked what I was in for told him X-ray for the lower back he said I need to go back upstairs to pay and get him a paper....I was pissed!!!....I was like I am sorry but the receptionist said I could pay here! he said no...I snapped at telling him how helpful he was by making me go up and down the stairs when I am in pain and can hardly walk! he said take the elevator! I am like I don't have time to stand there and wait for it for ages! because I had to rush to my dentist appointment that was 20 minutes away! anywayz I am getting upset just thinking about it so enough about the back pain problem.....I also had to go for ultra sound twice in 2 ultra sound problem is gone alhamduliallah....back pain still there a little the way, I never got a report on the X-ray! the doctor is on vacation, so I had to take it to the company doctor who's a general practitioner and can not give me a report on it so here I am with no feedback....needless to say, I was happy when the weekend came, got all the sleep I needed, got a new PC, my lovely fiance picked it up for me; but the only problem we are having with it is installing the ADSL on it, MaySoon tried to do it but didn't work; so I am waiting for the IT to do it for me because as you might not know I am very clueless when it comes to technology, I believe there are people for that I believe there is someone for each task ,for example if something breaks down and you "think" you can fix it yourself, DO NOT fix it; get someone that KNOWS how to fix it to do it for you! I didn't do much this weekend stayed in doors all the time; it's very rainy outside; the only fun thing I did today is making 3addas soup very easy and helped with the lasagna, gosh I miss cooking, I love cooking and eating my own which is weird most girls I know don't eat their food after they cook egolo m3ash tjihm neiya fe el makla....I am the opposite, I ll be the first to start and of course I never forget to say MMMM YUMMY.... Damn, Am I good or

Friday, March 2, 2007

da palm tree and da Russian flag

ok let me start by saying Welcome back DSL!!! my dsl at home wasn't working for the longest time! to phone lines issues I don't want to get carried with the story cuz it's so cheesy! anyhoo alhamduliallah it's working again here I am blogging from home, to be more specific from my room to be a bit more specific sitting on my bed :o) it's a good feeling...Friday morning ah! I love Friday mornings cuz I get to sleep in then eat good the weather is BEAUTIFUL I have the window wide open on my right hand side and all I can see is a palm tree, it's a very old one, da only tree in this land and yes it's an empty land up for sale no one is wanting to buy it cuz the price is ridiculous, I am actually happy cuz I don't want another building right next to our house....the other thing I can see is the Russian flag, I live next to the Russian ambassador's house, hehe why I think it's funny! ok many reasons, I think they have me and all the neighbours on their system, you know like those movies they probably have weird names for us and i think they've done a background check on each one, so once they enter that nick name a small window will pop up with all the info and a pic...hehehe just like in da movies! so I would be the chick driving da black car! anyhoo, I think that would be totally cool....I get weird thoughts all the's just me!
I wish I was to do something different today, but doesn't seem like it, we have the family over for lunch so, meh! I am looking forward the kosksi...
When I am not at work I feel as if something is missing, like an emptiness, like I should be getting busy, or what should I do next, or whatever...I am going crazy I should enjoy my weekend, and YES I still need a vacation, I still need to go somewhere, I want to go to Cairo, been there last March, totally loved it....sigh