Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Mariam everyone

I am not sure if you can see her...lol but I can.
Mariam is 19 weeks old and very very quiet, never kicks or anything...DaStars says because I keep eating so she is never hungry...or maybe I am not feeling the kicks yet!
so anywayz, just wanted to share it with my dear bloggers :o)


dusk till dawn said...

salam sis
woooooooooow what a mazing pic inshallah all will go well , Mariam she is very clear , u can see the face to,
mayby the reason she did not star kicking yet waiting for the big time to have a go .i hope she will be like footballer ha ha ,
allah inshallah will protect u both , and it will be a healthy chiled . and safe delivery to, i can see how exciting u both feel

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're nearly halfway there - she's beautiful! Masha'allah!

Kristen said...

Mariam is a very nice name. Congrats!

MaySoon said...

Kanooooshhaaaaa HELLO MARIAM... Meral can't wait for you to join her.. and yahhh I can't wait either ummwaaa..

Keep eating sister.. :oD

a_akak said...

Masha Allah & Sunb7an Allah :)

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

may Allah bless her and bless her parents.
baby girls are like a precious gift from God.

DaMoon said...

DTD; thanks brother, I myself used to play soccer long time ago...lol

Khadijateri; thank you :o) yep almost there

Kristen; I love da name too :o)

Maysoon; I am going to keep Mariam away from aggressive Meral, cuz mom said she was playing da teacher yesterday with da stick and all!!! hell noo..lol jk

Ahmed; Baraka Allahu feek

Anglo-Libyan; best thing about babygurls is da pink baby cloths...lol thanks dear :o)

piccolina said...

how cuteeeeee :)) even thought i'm not sure i got the right image lol

i'm so so so happy for u wallahi
OMG i sooo wanna see u , ok that is it yalla make a date and come over or make a plan , i really missed u

bless u habibti :))


MaySoon said...

lool yah and she was pointing at things on the painting fel saloonw ith the stick to Mom and saying "yalla hya goli hada shene?" and Mom goes "7eSanoon, Nwrasoon" or whatever then she pointed a wagon pulled by a horse and Mom went "Korieraton" and Meral goes Nooo 3'alta "Karoosaton"..lool it was funny!

Ps. "on" at the end of all the words is "tanween beldham" تنوين بالضم.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam DaMoon,
Mashallah she's beautiful. We are so excited for your arrival DaMariam? lol What a great photo---you can clearly see her precious face. May Allah bless you, her and your family.

CNN Libya said...

Hello mariam, how is it going?, wish you a safe trip to this world, may you have a blessed happy life, and my congrats to your parents.

Anonymous said...

aaaaawww adorbale!! shes beautiful - Mashallah!! Take Care and Congrats!

enlightened spirit said...

how sweet from u to share us her picture, Allah bless Mariam and her parents.
safe journey to the earth Mariam in ur mom's wombs, wish it will be a comfortable way of travel.

maiuna said...

So cute!! and nice name :)

Benghazi Citizen said...

hey there,,,how cute..Well,,i could recognize her features ,,my guess is that she will turn out to be a fine little lady...
May Allah bless you and your family...
Meriam is a nice name..
Be well

Crowded Mind said...

Salam Damoon
mashaAllah marium is a nice name

Allah bless you both

fe aman Allah

Happymoi said...

I love the name too!
Inshallah etkoon mena alsalehat!
and whisper to her my his:P

Happymoi said...

I love the name too!
Inshallah etkoon mena alsalehat!
and whisper to her my his:P

Anonymous said...

aaaah, so cute. She looks pretty already :-)
Congrats sis. Mariam is a beautiful name, gotta know what's the story behinde the choice though, you can tell me later ;-)



Lebeeya said...

Mashallah, a girl :) Mabrook. I hope she grows to be a beautiful woman like her mother.

UT said...

Salamat and Kherat

Awesome pic ! A girl how lovely....

MashaAllah a lovely name and you know what ?its my mum's name too, so you cant beat that :)


MusicLover said...

Look Who's Talking


This video clip will remind you, Enjoy

WEDA said...

that's so nice and a nice name ......i'm sure she will b as beautiful as her sweety mom.....take care

Anonymous said...

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